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The English Teacher

Teacher Linda Sinclair balances her staid home life with an incredible passion for her subject, but her routine is forever altered when a former star pupil and his unsupportive father reenter her life.

> Does a former student count…!

A perfect role for Julianne Moore. All the other characters were nicely arranged around her’s. It was a story based on the high school teacher and her ex-student, joining together for a school project. In the middle part, a wonderful development in the story turns the convincing second half. Some people are not a good listener, they try to finish the sentence before the speech givers. Such small instance, sometime may create a big trouble. Not right away, but it takes time of its own. At some point the truth will meet and all the hell will break out.

A movie with a good narration, but very familiar and predictable. Pleased performances, individually, but casts did not blend well together. Overall, a better movie than what I’ve heard about it, especially compared to so many overrated recent films. Easily just an above average, should have been better in the many parts, but the quality is there and entertains. In the end, it gives satisfactory for what it is. If you expect something more beautiful or powerful, this isn’t the right film for you.

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